To sleep or not to sleep

I just returned from a friend’s house in Luzern where we watched the replay of Game 3 on NASN, the North American Sports Network. I was able to get through Sunday morning without hearing about last night’s score. Not that the Swiss-Germans are running through the streets shouting Game 3’s results.

Tonight is going to be tough. I’ll be hanging out with people watching the Patriots on NASN. But can I stay up basically all night to catch Game 4 and the potential sweep?

Well, first of all, I’m all thrown off. I’m still a bit jet-lagged plus Europe set its clocks back last night, one week earlier than the U.S. So really I’m just 5 hours ahead at the moment which means the Pats game will start at 9:15pm. However the Sox won’t start until 1:30am. UGH. What’s a displaced Sox fan to do? Did I mention this is killing me?


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