A Blogger Darkly

Lately I’ve been playing with the idea of porting my Blogger site over to WordPress. Blogger is a great platform, but I wanted the opportunity to have more hands-on experience with WordPress primarily because we’re using it for a couple different web projects at work. Rather than take the plunge with a hosting company and use WordPress.org, I’m taking the much easier step with the free (but limited) WordPress.com option.

I found this dark theme and quickly realized it suits my needs quite well. Although it can’t be none-more-black, it’s simple and I like the multi-column layout. Most of all, though, I love that the footer is twice the height of the main body. Footers rule.

At the moment, I’m juggling this new site as well as my old site as I figure out my next step. Moving everything over to WordPress will be painful. There are a lot of hard-coded links in my blog posts to Blogger which would stop working. Plus I’d lose all of my HaloScan comments from my old site unless I hop onto an install of WordPress.org and use this import utility.

So for now, my old site will lay dormant and I’ll start writing more here at blog.nervousmusic.net.

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