Kyle Bobby Dunn – An Evening with Dusty

I’m no longer in the habit of posting music here. But every so often the mood will strike and I need to share something new. I was a latecomer to last year’s excellent LP by Kyle Bobby Dunn called Ways of Meaning. In fact, I finally heard it for the first time today after seeing it on many year-end lists of 2011, including the untouchable drone favorites of Anti-Gravity Bunny.

I bought it this afternoon at Stormy Records — a wonderful shop in Dearborn, Michigan owned by Windy & Carl. I think I’ve played it four times now. I won’t try to review it here because many others have already eloquently done so. But I will share something new.

This is “An Evening with Dusty” from an upcoming 2 CD release called Bring Me The Head Of Kyle Bobby Dunn on UK’s Low Point label. It’s gorgeous. And furthermore it illustrates what I’m doing tonight. Hanging out with my 2 cats, one named Dusty. The life of a rockstar, I know.

The Dustman


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