My Favorite Releases of 2019

My favorites this year include a handful of reissues and archival releases. Rather than create a separate list, they’re lovingly mixed in with new gems from 2019. It was another strong year despite not listening to nearly as many new albums as I have in previous years. I think my average hovers around 200-300 each […]

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My Favorite Mixes of 2018

As the year winds down, I’ve gathered my favorite mixes from 2018. I listened to around 30 in total, and here are my top picks. Happy New Year! Beau Wanzer – Inverted Audio Mix 271 Chris Zaldua – Mysteries of the Deep Podcast Chapter LXXXIII – Spatial Disorientation Hydrangea – The Memoir: Page 17 Hypnus […]

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My name is Sean. What’s happening? I live in Charlotte, NC with my wife, cat Schroeder, and dog Brie. After living in Boston (and parts of New England) for all of my life, we moved to Detroit in the summer of 2011 and then onto Charlotte in 2016. I started up Nervous Music long ago to keep in touch with my friends and family. But with all the networks to join now, there’s no sensible reason for this site to exist, especially considering I’m on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and Tumblr.

I’m responsible for technology at a cultural exchange program based in Cambridge, MA. Same town where I was married. I’m also a crazy music collector. If you’d like to reach me, just shoot me an e-mail at seanmcg <at> gmail <dot> com.

At any rate, it makes me very happy that you’ve stopped by. So, um, thanks for stopping by.